It's the people who make a difference!

Wow what a week and a half it has been! We have been having so much fun and meeting some amazing people! It is always such a blessing to do what you love while encouraging others. But you know what ends up happening in the process? I get encouraged from those who I meet along this journey and they don't even realize how big of a blessing they are to me! This truly is the best job ever!

Last weekend we drove to Noble, America for the Rose Rock Boot Camp. Each year Noble hosts a pageant for the Rose Rock Festival. My nieces compete every year so we have been going as long as I can remember. The last few years they started a boot camp to help girls prepare for the pageant. I think this is an amazing idea since some girls haven't competed before and it gives them that little boost of confidence they need to get out there and do their thing! I had so much fun at this years clinic it's crazy.

My twin and International Pageant Sister Shelly Warren (former Mrs. Oklahoma Int 2004) made the early trip with me along with my niece Cassi Clark (former Miss Rose Rock). I was so excited to get to share this day with my family and to get to know all the beautiful little girls we were going to have the honor of spending the morning with. I've been a part of many queen clinics but this one I believe was one of my favorites!! The girls were so amazing! They listened really well, asked great questions and did their best at every task we threw their way. That makes my heart smile. I believe you should do your best in all that you do no matter how big or how small and they ALL did just that! My other sister Milissa along with her other two daughters Maddie and Justice (both former Rose Rock title holders) were also at the camp so it was a great family outing! Thank you so much Kim and the Rose Rock Pageant Staff for having Shelly and I come be a part of your Boot Camp! It was a BLAST!!!!

We had to leave the boot camp right a noon so I could get home to get ready for the American Heart Association's Heart Ball. This is a great event where they raise money for research, recognize the new Sweethearts and have a great time celebrating the accomplishments of AHA, their staff, volunteers and the survivors and their families. It was such an amazing night. This marked the 33rd annual Heart Ball for AHA and it was held at the beautiful National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. If you have never toured the museum, I highly recommend it! It was a great backdrop for this event. I was blessed to work with some familiar AHA and Go Red faces and make new friends as well. Thank you Debbie, Jennifer and Terry for allowing me to a part of this amazing event. Also thank you to my new friend Allie for being my partner in crime for the evening! You were a blessing to get to know and I'm looking forward to many more AHA events together!

Yesterday was Go Red Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Shelly and I joined Jennifer Seal and Naomi Amaha along with other Go Red Advocates to support HB 1378 CPR In Schools. CPR in school is super important because it gives students 7th-12th grade the opportunity to learn a life saving skill. Here's a few reasons why:

* Because many of those who suffer cardiac arrest don't receive timely CPR ONLY 11 PERCENT of the 383,000 people who suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year survive.

* Effective bystander CPR, provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double or triple a victim's chance of survival.

* Five minutes is the difference between life and death. If no CPR is provided or no defibrillation occurs within 3 to 5 minutes, the chances of survival drop.


* Schools present an opportunity to teach young people how to respond to cardiac arrest and begin to introduce such efforts as part of a normal bystander response.

* Several studies have demonstrated that trainees, including schoolchildren, can achieve acceptable levels of skills proficiency in a adult CPR in 30 Minutes or less through a self-directed video-based program.

* Schools are intended to prepare students to contribute to their communities and learning CPR is an essential contribution.

I learned CPR in high school and college. It's a rewarding feeling knowing that you have the tools to save a persons life.

Attending the event at the Oklahoma State Capitol also allowed me the opportunity to speak with those who were just visiting the capitol that day. There was a group of students from France that were so excited to meet a "queen". They have never met one before in person and they made my day with their excitement and enthusiasm. We took many individual pictures to say the least. It was so much fun.

Heart Health month is coming to an end but March brings many opportunities for us all to make life saving changes in our lives. I'm looking forward to the warm Spring weather so we can have those long evening walks that are both heart healthy and enjoyable. Thank You February - Heart Health Month for bringing awareness to so many! Let's carry that momentum on into the following months! :-)

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