Reviewing the Trinkets of God's Love and Purpose for our lives!

During my devotional this morning a reached the end of the study book I was using and there was a review in the back of the book to recap all that was covered through out the book. I loved it and really wanted to share it with you!

"Every chapter has added a new trinket to your treasure trove of memories. Let's remind ourselves of the lessons they hold for us!"

1. Clay Pot - God's will equals God's will! Compared to our great God, we are humble little pots, made from clay. Yet, He has chosen to pour His riches and glory into our lives.

2. Ring - God's will is for a relationship with us, and the band we slip onto our fingers reminds us of the One who loves us more than words can possibly tell.

3. Golden Arrow - A reminder of the direction we should be choosing, even in the smallest decisions of our everyday lives.

4. Garbage Can - It's "garbage in, garbage out." While God is at work, transforming our lives, there can be a real clash of the wills. For our minds to be renewed, we must fill them with things that are pure, lovely, and true.

5. Heart Magnet - In the midst of all the things we could pursue, choose to chase after God whole-heartedly. Let your heart be drawn to God just like the magnet clings to the fridge.

6. Body Mist - Our lives are like a fleeting mist, but by planning for God's will in our days, the sweet fragrance of our lives will linger on, even to future generations.

7. Toy Soldier - God's will for our lives includes prayer. Our little "prayer warrior" reminds us that not only is Jesus praying for you right now, but we can be supporting one another in prayer as well.

8. Bubbles - God's will is a grateful heart. Fill the air with shimmering bubbles, and make each one a song of praise and a prayer of thanks for the blessings God has given you.

9. Soap - God is washing you, cleansing your heart, and making you holy. This cleanup is His preparation process for all the good things He has planned for us to do.

10. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" - Stick this label anywhere you need a reminder. God wants us to find satisfaction in our daily tasks, and joy in the work laid before us. Work is a gift from God, and we can discover contentment in our daily situations.

11. Candle - With the tune "This Little Light of Mine" running through our minds, we recall that God has called us to shine forth with integrity. You never know who is watching you! By doing good, those around us will be drawn to God.

12. Pack of Gum - As we run the race set before us, we depend on God for the stick-to-itiveness to hang in there. Then, we look to the fellow believers who are running alongside us, and offer them a piece as well. We run in a pack, we help one another along the way, and we finish together!


I love each and everyone of these trinkets reminding how there are little things that can help us in our daily walk with Christ! Finding God's Will for your life doesn't have to be frustrating but sometimes the process is longer for some than others. There are lessons to be learned along this journey to be cherished as it builds our character and molds us into what God created us to be. Each situation and lesson learned I believe equips us to help those that are confronted with the same obstacles that we too have faced at one time or another! Listen to what God is saying and apply it! That sometimes is easier said that done. I know it has taken me years to quit trying to do things on my own and let God do His thing! Oh such a long road to travel! ;-) It is so much easier to be humble and to be willing to be molded instead of being hard hearted or even hard headed thinking we have all the answers when in reality we don't! PRAISE GOD that He never gave up on me! Each day is a new day and I'm thankful for each one He blesses me with! Live God Loud! Listen and He will show you the way!!!!

(The book I was studying is Women of Faith Study Guide Series "God's Will)

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